Final report. Volume II - documentation. Part B.




Fruh, E. Gus and Robert S. Kier

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Center for Research in Water Resources, University of Texas at Austin


This report presents technical information on the analytical tools and data systems used by multidisciplinary research team in evaluating economic and environmental impacts of alternative coastal zone management policies. The purpose of this report is to document the analytical tools and data systems for use by technical discipline-specific readers. How these analytical tools were linked to form a methodology for impact evaluation and results from application of the methodology to problems of national concern occurring in the Texas Coastal Zone are presented in another volume of the Final Report (Volume 2 pt. A, Acc#2759). ... This technical appendix is organized in six sections by task groups: A. Economics, B. Land Use, C. Resource Capability, D. Water Needs and Residuals Management, E. Estuarine Modeling, F. Biological Uses Criteria. Sections A through D are presented in Part A (Acc#2759) and Sections E and F are presented in Part B of this Document volume. The framework and theory of each analytical tool and the procedures are used to construct the analytical tool from data available in Texas are included. Examples are presented to illustrate uses of the analytical tools. Program descriptions, definition of variables, and flow diagrams are included for documentation of computer models. Sample problem inputs and outputs for the computer programs also are presented. To limit the size of this manuscript, if detailed documentation of an analytical tool is readily available from Texas agencies or in the literature, only a summary is presented and reference is made to specific publications.


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coastal zone, economics, estuaries, models, land use, coastal zone management, models, environmental impact