Minding the coast: it's everybody's business. Proceedings of the sixteenth international conference of the Coastal Society, July 12-15th, 1998 at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.




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This publication includes papers, abstracts and summaries of special sessions and panels submitted by the authors or panel/session conveners who participated in the 16th International Conference of the Coastal Society. Statements made or ideas expressed in these Proceedings are those of the identified authors or conveners and are not to be construed (unless specifically stated) as positions or polices of the agencies or institutions which may employ the authors. The Coastal Society or the sponsors who supplied support for the Conference or Proceedings.... This volume includes papers and abstracts available at the time of printing. There are no papers on the Plenary Sessions, Luncheon Addresses or several Convened Panels. The Coastal Society's 16th International Conference, Minding the Coast: Its Everybody's Business held during this International Year of the Ocean highlights the need for all interests that live in or work in the coastal zone to work together on the complex issues involving the Coastal Oceans and Coastal Zones of the world.... These Proceedings continue the documentation of the history and progress of coastal management begun by the Coastal Society at its first conference in 1975.


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conference, proceedings, symposium, meeting, congresses, coastal ecology, coastal zone management, biological diversity conservation