The planning process for management of Christmas Bay and Armand Bayou Coastal Preserves




MacRae, J. Rollin, Robert W. Spain, and William J. Sheffield

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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


When Galveston Bay was approved in 1988 as one of the initial National Estuary Programs, an early essential requirement was the selection of an Action Demonstration Project to establish the feasibility of approaches to estuarine problem solving. The Project selected was the establishment of Texas Coastal Preserves in two unique components of the Galveston Bay system: Christmas Bay and Armand Bayou (Figure 1). The Texas Coastal Preserve Program was a pre-existing, albeit young, effort of the Texas General Land Office and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to better protect sensitive coastal areas by improved planning and interagency cooperation. Two areas had already progressed through the study and management plan phases, and the approach used appeared applicable to the Galveston Bay system, with Armand Bayou and Christmas Bay as the test cases.


pgs. 213-215


planning, management