Flood Plain - Handle with Care!




U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

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Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers, Civil Works Directorate


Almost everyone knows that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers builds damns, dikes and levees. The Corps is famous - or, in the opinion of some of its critics, infamous - for its public works projects designed to control floods. Not so well known, however, is a broader Corps approach to the problem of flooding: a "management" approach. The management approach to flood problems means identifying the nature of the flood hazard in a specific area. It means using that basic information and common sense to protect lives. And to prevent or minimize damage to land and buildings subject to flooding. In brief, the management approach means wise use of flood plains. This booklet describes, in non-technical language, some of the fundamentals of wise flood plain management. It stresses non-traditional aspects of flood plain management, those that can be undertaken by a community itself. A word of caution, however. This booklet is not a panacea. The Corps, though its Flood Plain Management Services program, can provide information, technical assistance, and planning guidance. But in the final analysis, how a community uses or abuses its flood plain is up to the community itself.


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flood control, flood plain, flood damage prevention