Comprehensive Master Plan for Collection and Disposal of Solid Wastes for the City of Houston, Texas. Report Number One - Volume Reduction.




Bernard Johnson Engineers, Inc.

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Bernard Johnson Engineers, Inc.


The studies contained herein are intended to serve as the initiation of a comprehensive program of planning, evaluation and design of facilities and systems necessary to provide the City of Houston with the long term capability to collect, handle and dispose of its solid waste. Specifically, the purpose and scope of the studies described in this initial report may be summarized by the following objectives: 1. To prepare a compilation of available data on existing and experimental volume reduction methods and procedures including, when available, user evaluations of volume reduction equipment currently in use. 2. To determine which process or processes appear to warrant further investigation by field evaluation in a pilot program. 3. To prepare a scope of study for the Comprehensive Plan of Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Facilities for the city of Houston. Inasmuch as volume reduction of solid waste does not by itself afford any situation to the problems of collection and ultimate disposal, the completion of this initial report does not eliminate the need for careful evaluation and planning of the City of Houston's existing and future facilities for collection and disposal of solid wastes.


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