The Texas shrimp fishery. A report to the Governor and the 74th Legislature




Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Coastal Fisheries Division


Marine shrimp are an important component of a healthy coastal ecosystem throughout their range. With reported landnigs of 297 million pounds worth $425 million in 1993, shrimp is one of the most valuable commercial food fisheries in the United States. The Gulf of Mexico shrimp harvest of 206 millionm pounds worth $335 million in 1993 exceeded that of all other coastal regions in weight and value. Shrimp is Texas' most valuable commercial food fishery with 1993 landings of 74 million pounds and a value to the fishermen of $131 million. The total economic impact of shrimp landings in the marketing system is estimated to be at least $500 million to the Texas economy. During 1991-92, angles used an estimated 2 million pounds of shrimp as bait, costing $8 million. Although about 60% of bait shrimp is used as dead bait, the value of live bait shrimp is over two and one-half times greater than dead bait shrimp per unit weight.


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