Wetlands. Second edition




Mitsch, William J. and Gosselink, James G.

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Van Nostrand Reinhold


This is a comprehensive book on wetlands in the United States. It opens with formal definitions and discussion regarding their appropriateness, as well as a brief history on wetland science and management. A detailed section is included for each type of wetland and for each of the major scientific disciplines, including information on the primary principles, concerns, approaches, and techniques utilized by each in wetland management, restoration, and water quality improvement. Information on the interaction of humans and wetlands, the role of wetlands in global issues, and a summary of both national and international wetland policies with regard to their protection, management, creation, restoration, and classifications is presented. Also included is a table of total wetland areas in each state from surveys conducted in 1780, 1954, and the mid-1980's.


722 pgs.


wetlands, marshes, wetland regulations, marine sciences, legislation, greenhouse effect, coastal zone management, wetland ecology, wetland management