Environmental Assessment of Exploratory Drilling in West Bay, Texas for Exxon Company, USA


December 19, 1975


Dames & Moore

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Dames & Moore


Exxon proposed to drill an exploratory well to locate gas or oil deposits in West Bay. The proposed well will be drilled to a depth of about 7500 feet. The drilling operation will involve the placement of a shell mat, the floating in of a drill barge and drilling of a single well. The drilling operation will encompass an area of some 60 by 130 feet. The drilling operation is anticipated to be completed within 15 to 20 days. Additional details on the proposed location and the drilling operation are provided in subsequent sections. The purpose of exploratory drilling for domestic gas and oil deposits is self-explanatory. The need for such activity is of national importance in view of the increasing shortfall in domestic energy production and the need to import ever larger quantities of foreign petroleum at ever increasing national expense. The advisability of drilling at the specific site proposed is apparent because: (a) geologic evidence indicates conditions favorable for the accumulation of hydrocarbons, (b) this well can be drilled and completed without detrimental effects to the surrounding environs, and (c) surface location of this well from onshore locations would detract aesthetically and interfere physically with future residential developments as well as being more environmentally detrimental. Although the national need for energy is readily apparent, it is useful to summarize some of the major conclusions drawn from recent studies of national energy demands.


92 pgs.


drilling, environmental assessment, Exxon, impact, water quality