Management issues: Galveston Bay




McKinney, Larry D., M. Hightower, B. Smith, D. Beckett, and A. Green

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U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Estuarine Programs Office


Galveston Bay shares many problems with other estuaries of a similar stature-chiefly the rapidly escalating demands placed upon its resources because of an expanding population and associated development. Many issues, such as concerns about water quality, contaminants and habitat loss, are issues that must be addressed in practically all urban estuaries. Its future, however, remains to be determined. Decisions to be made in the next several years may well determine its fate, and, for managers, this may be the most critical period in its history. Several management questions are asked and answered by focusing on specific topics that are relative to Galveston Bay. These topics include: oyster fishery, freshwater inflows, current status of management with a listing of the contribution by various state agencies, the sucesses of current management and new opportunities for better resource management.


pgs. 79-87


estuaries, fishery resources, wastes, wastewater, watersheds, pollution, statistical analysis, estuarine environment, oyster fishery, freshwater inflows, current status of management, management successes, new opportunities, comprehensive study of cumulative impacts