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Fiffick, Laura and Shari Baldridge

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Galveston Bay Estuary Program


The Port of Houston Authority (PHA) has fully implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS), and in August 2002 became the first US Port with an EMS to achieve compliance with the ISO 14001 standard at two of its facilities. In September 2002, the PHA received the American Association of Port Authority's Calvin Hurst award, the highest-ranking award given to a US Port for environmental excellence. An EMS is a quality management system comprised of a continuous improvement cycle of, Plan, Do, Check, and Act designed to reduce a facility's environmental footprint..... EMS and ISO 14001 have traditionally been thought of for use at a large industrial facility. However, the PHA, a local government, has successfully demonstrated that ISO 14001 can apply to local governments as well. The PHA's EMS was developed and implemented by PHA employees, has decreased the environmental footprint, and has been embraced by the entire organization from top to shop.


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water quality, habitat, ecology, watershed management, port of houston, environmental management, pollution prevention, air quality, stormwater quality