Procedures for Initiating Narrative Biological Criteria


The Biological Criteria Program was initiated by EPA in response to research and interest generated over the last several years by Agency, State, and academic investigators. This interest has been documented in several reports and conference proceedings that were the basis for creation of the program and for the preparation of Biological Criteria National Program Guidance for Surface Waters (U.S. Environ. Prot. Agency, 1990a). The overall concept and "narrative biological criteria" are described in that guide. Because establishing narrative criteria is an important first step in the process, the material that follows here is intended to be an elaboration upon and clarification of the term narrative biological criteria as used in the guide. The emphasis here is on a practical, applied approach with particular attention to cost considerations and the need to introduce the material to readers who may not be familiar with the program.


16 pages; available for download at the link below.


narrative biological criteria, surface water assessment, biological assessment, surface water resources, environmental protection