Interim Report III Service Area Delineation


Interim Report III, "Service Area Delineation for Wastewater Treatment Systems" is one of eleven outputs which must undergo a thorough local review plus a public hearing before it can be submitted to the State for certification. If certified by the Governor, the document can be submitted to the funding agency, the Environmental Protection Agency for final review. The report was prepared by consultants for the Coastal Bend Council of Governmments. It described the existing wastewater collection and treatment facilities in the 208 study area. The purpose in documenting the existing system components was to have a point of departure should expansions or modification by necessary. The maps at the end of this report illustrate the major system components and discharge points. A reduced versionof the area in question is presented first. Then a series of enlargements follow depicting on a larger scale the communities shown on the reduced version.


Approximately 200 pages


wastewater treatment facilities, land use, urban planning