Housing development canals in the coastal zone of the Gulf of Mexico: Ecological consequences, regulation, and recommendations




Lindall, W.N., Jr.
Trent, W.L.

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Three types of housing development canals (bayfill, inland, and intertidal) are described, and their effects on estuarine flora, water and sediment quality, and species composition and abundance of fauna are discussed. Varying only in degree, all three types of canal development are similar in adversely affecting the integrity of the estuarine ecosystem. Existing legislation, designed to minimize adverse alteration in the estuarine zone, is discussed. Presently, full jurisdiction is not exercised over inland canal development. Recent court decisions, however, indicate that jurisdiction will be fully exercised in the near future. To insure continued propagation of estuarine-dependent fish and wildlife resources, guidelines for the location and design of inland canal development are presented.


p. 19-24.


coastal zone, construction, estuaries, canals, resource development, environmental effects, water quality, sediment composition, legislation, living resources