Texas Coastwide Erosion Response Plan: A report to the 75th Texas Legislature




Texas General Land Office

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Texas General Land Office


In Texas today, there is a growing awareness of coastal erosion. In 1991, the 72nd Texas Legislature passed a bill designating the Texas General Land Study as the lead agency of the erosion problem. It created the Texas Coastwide Erosion Response Plan which describes the state's policies for managing coastal erosion. It is designed to help local communities identify critical erosion areas and plan erosion response. One of the proposals that the plan has come up with is to establish a state funding source for erosion response projects. Right now shoreline erosion is more than 5 feet per year, and Texas bay shores are eroding at 2 to 9 feet per year. This document describes the proposal while also demonstrating the necessity to educate the Texas public about coastal erosion.


91 pgs.


environmental management, erosion control, erosion response, coastal erosion, shoreline erosion, planning