Economic Value of Improving the Environmental Quality of Galveston Bay




Whittington D
Cassidy G
Amaral D
McClelland E
Wang H
Poulos C

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The objective of the report is to develop the best possible estimates of the economic value of improving the environmental quality of Galveston Bay given the time and resources available. People often ask about the economic value of a natural resource such as Galveston Bay. Some want to know the economic value of the bay in order to rigorously compare the economic benefits of cleaning up or protecting the bay with the costs of improving its environmental quality. Others want to have an estimate of the dollar value of the natural resource in an attempt to answer the question, Is Galveston Bay worth a lot or a little. Whatever the uses to which estimates of economic value are put, such estimates are a common ingredient in public policy debates about appropriate strategies for managing natural resources




47 Ocean Sciences & Technology, 48B Natural Resources & Earth Sciences: Natural Resource Management, 68D Environmental Pollution & Control: Water Pollution & Control, 96A Business & Economics: Domestic Commerce,Marketing & Economics, Attitude surveys, Coastal zone management, Conservation, Contingent valuation method, Cost, Costs, Dallas, Economic Analysis, Economic value, Environmental protection, Environmental quality, Estimates, Estuaries, Estuarine environment, Galveston, Galveston bay, Galveston Bay National Estuary Program, Gulf Coast, National Estuary Program, Natural resource conservation, Natural resources, Natural resources management, Policies, Public opinion, Quality, Resources, Socioeconomic factors, Texas, Time, United States, Water pollution control, Water quality management