A conceptual report: Transportation in the Texas coastal zone.

Texas Transportation Institute
Texas A&M University
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Texas, Office of Governor, Division of Planning Coordination

The Coastal Zone of Texas contains the most diverse grouping of valuable natural resources in the state. Because many of these resources are irreplaceable assets belonging to the people of Texas, they should be conserved, developed, and preserved in accordance with the goals of the state. Inevitable pressures of urban, commercial, industrial, and agricultural growth are causing a general degradation of the Coastal Zone environment which will worsen unless steps are taken by state and local governments to safeguard this valuable resource area. Thus, the 61st Legislature of Texas authorized the establishment of the Coastal Resources Management Program. This transportation study is one of several studies sponsored by that program in an effort to identify the actions required to safeguard the environmental integrity of the Coastal Zone for future generations of Texans while fully utilizing coastal resources.

181 p.
resources, conservation, coastal zone, government policy, environmental legislation, natural resources, environment management, coastal zone management