Proceedings of the Seventh Dredging Seminar




Center for Dredgin Studies

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Texas A&M University, Sea Grant Office


The Seventh Dredging Seminar, Tulane Room, Braniff Place Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 8, 1974 was arranged by Dr. John B. Herbich as part of the continuing educational activity of the Center for Dredging Studies. The Proceedings were assembled and edited by Dr. Herbich. Editorial assistance of Dr. Gisela Mahoney was greatly appreciated. The Seminar was partially supported by the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Sea Grant Program Institutional Grant 04-5-158-19 to Texas A&M University. Topics covered in these proceedings are: a review of the hopper dredge equipment used by the U.S. Army Engineer District, Galveston, use of remote sensing in Dredging projects, overview of the Dredged Material Research Program, use of catamaran hulls for sea-going cutterhead dredges, problems associated with submarine pipeline construction, compressibility and strength of compacted dredging, permeability and drainage characteristics of dredging, concepts for the reclamation of dredged material, effect of suspended and deposited sediments on estuary organisms and other related information.


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