Environmental analysis for development planning Chambers County, Texas. Applications for the Texas coastal zone management program.




Rice Center for Community Design and Research

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Southwest Center for Urban Research


Chambers County is included within the planning boundary of the Texas Coastal Management Program. Because of the extensive inventory and analysis work already done in Chambers, there was a large body of data to be drawn on in development of technical procedures for coastal management. ... This study has sought to develop procedures which would meet the requirements of the federal Act, and which could serve as the basis of a workable program in Texas. The scope of the work presented here is both narrow - in terms of the specific topics covered - and very broad - in terms of the comprehensiveness of the considerations necessary to the development of the suggested procedures. ... Attention has been directed to two major requirements of the federal act: identification and regulation of land and water uses which directly and significantly impact coastal waters, and the identification of areas of particular concern and related use priorities.... The recommended techniques and process in this report are not offered as "the" solution to coastal management in Texas or elsewhere. A major objective of this study was to provide for Chambers County and the Texas Coastal Management Program independent suggestions which would foster informed discussion of the issues.


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environment management, development projects, land use, water use, environmental impact, coastal waters, legislation