1970 National Power Survey

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United States Federal Power Commission

The National Power Survey is reported in four parts. Part I contains the report of the Commission and the independent report of the Task Force on the Environment. Parts II and III contain the reports of the six regional advisory committees. Part IV contains the reports of the technical advisory committees on generation, transmission, distribution and load forecasting methodology. Two advisory committee reports, Underground Power Transmission, April 1966, and Prevention of Power Failures, Volume II, June 1967, have been given wide distribution as separate publications. The Commission's report is intended to serve as a general long-range guide rather than a directive or firm plan. It illustrates possible patterns of efficient development based upon assumptions outlined in the report and with the passage of time, modifications to reflect variances from the assumptions will be inorder. For example, if fast breeder nuclear reactors should be developed earlier than the present target dates, or if the price of fossil fuel should increase more than projected, the estimated generation from fossil fuel generation might be increased.

Approximately 275 pages
electricity, urban planning, utilities