The state of Texas water quality inventory. 10th edition.




Texas Water Commission

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Texas Water Commission


The Texas Water Quality Inventory is prepared and submitted by the Texas Water Comission in accordance with Section 305(b) of the Clean Water Act ad as required by federal guidelines for the preparation of the 1990 state water quality assessment report. During the present reporting cycle 619 waterbodies were assessed, using current ambient monitoring data and professional evaluations. These waters included 16,184 stream miles, 1,543,897 surface acres of reservoirs, 1,990 square miles of bays, and 3,879 square miles of gulf waters. The CWA established goals that the nation's surface waters would be fishable and swimmable. Approximately 11% of the streams assessed are not meeting the Clean Water Act goal of swimmable and less than 1% of the streams do not meet the fishable goal. Less than 1% of the reservoirs assessed do not meet the fishable/swimmable goal. Approximately 3% of the bay waters are not meeting the fishable goal but all bay waters assessed are meeting the swimmable goal. ..... Water pollution control programs such as establishment of water quality standards, drafting of municipal and industrial permits, and inspection of wastewater discharges are described. The Clean Lakes Program, Ground Water Protection Program, Wetlands Protection Program, and Stress Monitoring Program are also described.


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