Interim Report IV Projected Waste Loads and Flows


This report is one of eleven "interim reports" issued by the Coastal Bend Council of Governments pursuant to Environmental Protection Agency requirements under Section 208 of Public Law 92-500. The report was drafted by the CBCOG with input from many sources, including public interest committees and professional consultants. The report was subjected to a public hearing before being finalized for submission to the Texas Water Quality Board and the EPA. Material is drawn principally from three of the project "tasks" prepared by the CBCOG staff and three consultants. The consultants participating in this phase of the project are the Marine Science Institute of Port Aransas and Southwest Research Institute and Urban Engineering of Corpus Christi. The principal "tasks" used for input are known as Task 2.6 (Inventory Existing Point Sources), Task 2.7 (Inventory Intermittent Point Sources), and Task 2.8 (Projected Waste Loads).


60 pages


urban planning, land use, wastewater treatment facilities