Texas navigation districts and regional planning in the Texas Gulf Coast area.




Buchanan, G.S.

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Comprehensive regional planning as the best means of accommodating activities and interests that affect land use and the environment is underway in the Texas coastal area, giving rise to the question of what role navigation districts should play in this planning. Navigation districts should not be regional land use planners or environmental policemen, they should not receive preferential regulatory treatment, and they should be subject to the same land use and environmental restrictions as other organizations. Four major areas of analysis are discussed: the status of navigation districts under Texas law, the significant areas in which navigation districts and the federal government function concurrently, the relationship of navigation districts to problems of environmental control, and specific policy recommendations concerning the role of navigation districts in regional planning affecting land use and the environment in the coastal area. Attention is also focused on an important economic policy question -- to what extent should the cost of operating navigation districts be borne by the primary users to district facilities and to what extent by the general public through taxation or government subsidy.


p. 533-597.


land use, legal aspects, navigation, environmental impact, planning