Law of the Sea: Floating Monopoly Game



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Texas Law Institute of Coastal and Marine Resources


To highlight some of the important issues of the forthcoming conference a symposium co-sponsored by the Texas Coastal and Marine Council and the Texas Juridical Isntitute was held in Houston recently. "What is Texas' stake and stroke?" was the conference's subtitle. The question was succintly answered by Richard Greenwald of Deepsea Ventures, Inc. - "Texas' stroke is zilch but her stake is enormous." Emphasizing that point, representatives of the oil, hard minerals and shrimping industries, distinguised sea lawyers, environmentalists, superport advocates, and delegates and advisors of the official U.S. Law of the Sea (LOS) team participated as well as some additional concerned Texans. This pamphlet begins where the symposium left off, trying to fill in some of the factual background, foreground and depths of the LOS game.


12 pages; available for download at the link below.


environmental law, environmental policy, marine resources management, Law of the Sea