Hydrographic and Meteorological Study of the San Antonio Bay System - Analysis of Populations of Sports and Commercial Fin-Fish and of Factors Which Affect These Populations in the Coastal Bays of Texas


Air temperature ranged from 10.2 degrees C. in February to 29.5 degrees C. in August. Rainfall averaged 3.4 inches per month. September was the month of highest rainfall with 8.33 inches. Wind velocity was highest in spring and summer, ranging from 15 to 50 miles per hour at various times. Complete river flow data for the year were not available. Salinity averages ranged from 20 to 40 ppt in 1963. In 1964 salinities ranged from 18 to 30 ppt. Water temperature averages varied from a low of 10.6 degrees C. in January to a high of 32 degrees C. in September. Turbidities ranged from 25 to 250 ppm (parts per million). There are approximately 19.9 square miles of juvenile fish and crab nursery area in San Antonio Bay, plus 27 square miles of shrimp nursery area for a total of 46.9 square miles (approximately 30,000 acres). There are 37 square miles (23,680 acres) in Espiritu Santo Bay. Area habitat changes were mostly due to dredging operations. These dredging operations consisted of oil well locations, channel dredging, and mud shell dredging.


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San Antonio Bay, environmental data