Movement, growth and survival of spotted seatrout tagged in Bastrop Bayou, Texas




Baker W Jr
Matlock GC
McEachron LW
Green AW
Hegen HE

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During February 1976-November 1981, 2040 spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus ) were caught for tagging with hook and line at Bastrop Marina on Bastrop Bayou in the Galveston Bay system. The subsequent tag return rate was 8.6% (176 individuals). Tag recapture data indicate an exit of fish from the Bayou in winter months with a return in the spring, followed by a summer exit and a subsequent fall return. Forward stepwise regression analyses indicate that total length at release, number of warm days free and number of cold days free accounted for 60.28% of the variation in total length at recapture. Survival of spotted seatrout tagged in fall ranged from 20-33% per year




ASW,USA,Texas,Bastrop Bayou, Commercial species, Cynoscion nebulosus, fish, Fishery management, Galveston Bay, growth, migrations, O 5020 FISHERIES,FISHERY BIOLOGY,FISHING, Q1 01421 Migrations and rhythms, Q1 01604 Stock assessment and management, Spotted seatrout, spring, Survival, tagging, Texas, USA, winter