Species composition, abundance and distribution of macro-crustaceans and fishes in the intake area, discharge canal, and cooling lake of the Cedar Bayou electric generating station, near Baytown, Texas.




Eidman, M.

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Texas A&M University


Species composition, abundance, and distribution of macro crustaceans and fishes in the intake areas, discharge canal and cooling lake of the Cedar Bayou Electric Generating Station near Baytown, Texas, were analyzed using data collected by trawling, trammelling, and seining from November 1973 through September 1975. Hydrological data were taken prior to each collection. The data were compared with those of previous studies. Anaerobic conditions and extreme conductivity due to sewage and brine pollution downstream of the plant was eliminated by the reversed flow in Cedar Bayou. This increased the number of species caught in the intake area; there were 61 species collected during September 1974 through September 1975 with three units in operation but only 45 during more than 4 years of previous study with none to two units in operation.


331 p., Dissertation


composition, abundance, distribution, crustaceans, fish, collections, water data, thermal conductivity, survival, cooling systems, temperature, power plants, Arius felis, Mugil cephalus, sampling