Environmental analysis for development planning Chambers County, Texas. Federal influence on land resource management.




Rice Center for Community Design and Research

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Southwest Center for Urban Research


This document is designed to serve persons and institutions who need information about federal legislation and regulations that affect land use decisions. It is a product of an eighteen month study of law and policy issues relating to land resource planning and management for Chambers County, Texas. ....This report discusses the federal influence on land management. The topics covered include the National Environmental Policy Act, its impact on Chambers County, compliance with NEPA, the EPA, the EPA's land use powers under the Clean Air Act of 1970, the Clean Air Act of 1970, transportation control, indirect source review, air quality maintenance areas, coastal zone management, federal land use management, and land use management in other states.


242 pgs.


environment management, development projects, land use, resource management, legislation, legal aspects, government policy