Environmental analysis for development planning Chambers County, Texas. Final summary.




Rice Center for Community Design and Research

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Southwest Center for Urban Research


In June 1973, the Southwest Center for Urban Research initiated a study of the problem of environmental management in Chambers County, Texas, a sparsely populated rural area between the Houston-Galveston and Beaumont-Port Arthur metropolitan areas. The objective of the study was to define and explore the present and potential role of local government, including participation with other public agencies and private groups, in guiding development in a manner that is appropriate to local and regional concerns. By extension, the project offered an opportunity to deal with environmental problems faced by a growing number of rural counties that happen to lie in the path of rapid urbanization and industrialization. In its larger concept, the study addresses a growing recognition in the nation that land and its natural appurtenances are a scarce and threatened resource, and that there is a national need for cooperation among policy makers at all levels to manage this resource in ways that maintain and enhance the quality of life.


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environment management, development projects, government policy, governments, land use