Project summary: batch - type procedures for estimating soil adsorption of chemicals.

Roy, W.R.
Krapac, I.G.
Chou, S.F.J.
Griffin, R.A.
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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Risk Reduction Engineering Laboratory

This Technical Resource Document (TRD) contains laboratory procedures and guide-lines for conducting experiments using batch - equilibrium techniques to study the adsorption by clays or soils of chemicals dissolved in solution (solutes). The procedures were designed for routine use, and can be used for developing data for constructing equilibrium adsorption isotherms. Procedures are given for inorganic and organic solutes as well as for volatile organic solutes. The scientific basis for each procedural step is discussed in detail. These procedures were based on scientific literature, and were developed and tested by the authors and cooperating laboratories. Examples are given to show application of major procedural steps and concepts. Several types of soil materials and solutes are featured, as well as the application of batch - adsorption data in calculations of solute movement through compacted landfill liners.

3 p.