Principles of estuarine habitat restoration: working together to restore America's estuaries: report on the RAE-ERF partnership, year one, September 1999

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Restore America's Estuaries; Estuarine Research Federation

The urgent need to increase knowledge about restoration and the amount of restoration activity taking place have led representatives of Restore America's Estuaries (RAE) and the Estuarine Research Foundation (ERF) to form a partnership to address this need. RAE is a coalition of 11 regional community-based organizations that works to preserve estuaries across America by focusing attention on estuarine habitat loss and restoration. ... As the centerpiece for this initial year of collaboration, a set of working principles was developed to guide restoration activities. These principles emphasize the importance of a long-term stewardship approach to restoration and incorporating ecological sensitivity into all restoration planning and practice. .. This report highlights the results of Year One of the RAE-ERF collaboration.

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restoration, wetlands, habitat, degradation, estuarine, estuary, estuarine area conservarion, estuarine ecology, restoration ecology, management, case studies, planning