Houston Area Medium-Btu Coal-Gasification Project Feasibility Study. Final Report. Volume IV. Environmental, Safety, Health and Socioeconomic Factors




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The Houston Project entails constructing and operating a centralized facility to produce hydrogen, syngas, and fuel gas and distribute these gases to refineries and chemical plants in the Houston Ship Channel area. The ultimate goal of the feasibility study was to ascertain the technical and economic viability of advancing to the commercial stage. Thus, the essential element was to develop a technically sound design and perform the supporting studies necessary to generate a cost estimate that could be used with confidence for economic and business analyses. The study included seven overall tasks: (1) preliminary facility and distribution system design; (2) economic and financial analysis; (3) marketing analysis; (4) site selection and evaluation; (5) resource assessment; (6) environmental, safety, health, and socioeconomic analysis; and (7) study management. The 18-month study was concluded in March 1982. The final report presents a description of the effort performance, the results, and the conclusions. The report consists of four volumes. Volume I contains a brief overview of the entire study with emphasis on results and conclusions that significantly impact the decision to proceed. The risks in this first-of-a-kind project are high and the decision to proceed is clouded by uncertainties. Four critical elements would be necessary to ensure commercial viability: moderate real growth in world oil prices; acceptable long-term purchase contracts for the hydrogen and syngas; partners for the venture; and consistent government policies regarding synfuels and taxes. 10 figures, 6 tables. (ERA citation 08:050493)




57U Medicine & Biology: Public Health & Industrial Medicine, 68 Environmental Pollution & Control, 97F Energy: Fuel Conversion Processes, 99B Chemistry: Industrial Chemistry & Chemical Process Engineering, Coal Gasification Plants, Construction, Cost Benefit Analysis, Design, Economic Analysis, Environmental Impacts, ERDA/010404, ERDA/010900, ERDA/015000, ERDA/016000, Feasibility Studies, Fuel Gas, Health hazards, Houston, Houston Ship Channel, Hydrogen, Intermediate BTU Gas, Operation, Production, Resource Assessment, Safety, Site Selection, Socio-Economic Factors, Synthesis Gas, Texas