Railroad Property Acquisition, Use, Taxation and Abandonment



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Texas Transportation Institute Texas A&M University


This report is a summary of findings concerning railroad property acquisition and use, taxation, and abandonment in Texas and is one of a series of reports that has results from the Texas Rail Evaluation Study. The four major sources of data upon which these findings are based are the (1) Texas Railroad Commission's annual reports, (2) State Comptroller's annual reports, (3) History of Texas Railroads, by Reed, and (4) the railroads. With the problems experienced by railroads, particularly, those in the northeast, in recent years, an evaluation of the status of railroad industry serving Texas is both timely and needed. However, time and funds did not permit an exhaustive study, but enough data are presented to indicate the present status of railroads operating in Texas with respect to rail property acquisition and use, taxation and abandonment. An overall report of findings based on this and other reports will be prepared at the end of the Texas Rail Evaluation Study.


87 pages


railroads, Texas Rail Evaluation Study, railroad transactions