Benthos study at Lost Lake disposal site berm areas and borrow areas




Espey, Huston & Associates, Incorporated.

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Espey, Huston & Associates, Incorporated.


The Lost Lake Disposal Area is a confined disposal area used to contain materials excavated during routine maintenance dredging of the Houston Ship Channel. The area experiences erosional forces from vessel wakes and river flow, which are jeopardizing the integrity of the levee system enclosing the area. The proposed work is construction of a berm along the outside toe of portions of the existing levee, providing necessary foundation for future levee rehabilitation. This construction is scheduled to begin in April 1988 and will take about one year to complete. A sediment and biological study was conducted in the borrow and berm areas to determine what differences exist and their ecological significance. From the analyses conducted, little difference was found. Based on the already stressed condition of the area, little impact to the benthos can be expected from the proposed construction.


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dredge spoil, environmental impact, levees, benthos, sanitary landfills