Populations of Juvenile Shrimp in the San Antonio Bay Complex - Study of Texas Shrimp Populations


Sampling methods and stations were changed from previous study periods, and now conform with a standard method for the Texas coastal bays. Sampling stations were reduced from 14 to 6. This includes 2 primary bay stations, 2 secondary bay stations, and 2 tertiary bay stations. These sampling stations were derived from previous years sampling as being the best to show populations and consistent presence of shrimp over a long period of time. Brown shrimp were present in the area about 15 days earlier than in the two previous years; also they remained in this bay complex over a greater period of time than in the 2 previous years. They were present in both quantity and size suitable for commercial bait production from May through December 1962. White shrimp in samples were less abundant than in the two years previous to this study. However, production was not as low as may have been expected with the high salinities which prevailed from late June through the end of the study period. White shrimp (juvenile) appeared in this area in appreciable quantities almost one month later than in 1960 and 1961.


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San Antonio Bay, shrimp populations, Penaeus setiferus, Penaeus aztecus, white shrimp, brown shrimp