Summary of the Listening Sessions - Observations & Recommendations for Guidance and Technical Assistance to Facilitate Water Quality and Designated Use Reviews for Waters Impacted by Combined Sewer Overflows


EPA initiated an effort to identify actions that the Agency could take to faciliate implementation of the water quality-based provisions of the CSO Control Policy because of the perception that States have failed to review and revise their water quality standards on CSO-receiving waters, as expected. The Conference Committee on EPA's FY 1999 Appropriation included in House Report 105-769, a provision urging EPA to : - develop guidance, after public comment, to facilitate the conduct of water quality and designated use reviews for CSO-receiving waters; - provide technical and financial assistance to States and EPA Regions to conduct these reviews; - report progress to relevant authorizing and appropriations committees by December 1, 1999.


26 pages; available for download at the link below.


combined sewer overflows, water quality management, environmental protection