Turtle excluder device regulations in Texas: some commonly asked questions.


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Texas A&M Sea Grant College Program.

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Texas A&M Sea Grant College Program.


A TED is a Turtle Excluder Device. Its purpose is to release sea turtles and other large objects from the trawl while allowing the smaller shrimp to pass through openings in the TED into the cod end of the trawl. Regulations begin May 1, 1989, for offshore Texas waters and May 1, 1990, for inshore Texas waters. They are in effect each year thereafter March 1 through November 30. If fishing for royal red shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico or royal red or rock shrimp in the South Atlantic, the TED rule does not apply, provided that 90% of the catch is of those two shrimp types. TED's are required at certain distances specified in this material. There are certified TED's or privately built TED's. TED's can be modified. Enforcement will be carried out by NOAA Special Agents, the U.S. Coast Guard and deputized state conservation officers. Enforcement will primarily occur on the water unless problems occur. Penalties will be given to violators.


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shrimp, turtle excluder devices (TEDs)