Technical Papers on Selected Aspects of the Preliminary Texas Water Plan




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This report contains three papers which were presented at the October 1, 1966 meeting of the Texas section American Society of Civil Engineers. The titles are 'The Preliminary Texas Water Plan', 'The Proposed State Water Project', and 'Water Quality Aspects of the Preliminary Texas Water Plan.' The first paper describes the approach to planning, planning concepts and planning problems, and summarizes the preliminary Texas Water Plan. In the second paper the State Water Project was divided into divisions for convenience of description. These are the Cypress, Sulphur, Red, Trinity, Brazos division, and the Coastal Aqueduct. On considering water quality in the Water Plan, two basic assumptions were made: (1) All discharges of municipal and industrial wastes will be treated and controlled so as to protect the public health and to prevent aesthetically objectionable conditions; and (2) pollution of water resources due to oil-field brines will be completely abated over time




2, 48B Natural Resources & Earth Sciences: Natural Resource Management, 68D Environmental Pollution & Control: Water Pollution & Control, Aqueducts, Brines, Dams, Desalting, Discharge, Ground water, Industrial wastes, Irrigation, Municipalities, Oil wells, Planning, Pollution, Project planning, Proposals, Public health, Quality, Requirements, Reservoirs, Resources, Sewage disposal, Sulphur, Texas, Time, United States, Water, Water consumption, Water distribution, Water pollution, Water quality, Water resources, Water supply