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State of Texas Governor's Energy Advisory Council


As part of the work of the Texas Governor's Energy Advisory Council a series of special projects were initiated to gather information, provide background, evolve technological assessments, and develop analyses and projections on a series of topics related to energy in Texas. Each such report presenting the findings of the project in some detail. Over 40 such reports have been completed. This document presents brief Executive Summaries of each of the reports. A summary of the objectives, program, and management plan under which the work of the Council was carried out is included as an Appendix. In this way the reader can orient each project in the overall program. Summaries for certain project numbers normally expected in the sequence will not be found in this report. Projects S/D-5, S/D-6 and L/R-2 were initiated but were subsequently absorbed into other ongoing projects. Project L/R-8 was designed to analyze the energy implications of the proposed new State of Texas Constitution. This project was terminated when the convention failed to report out a new constitution. Final reports were not available as of March 1, 1975, on Project S/D-11, "Development of an Energy Data Bank"; Coordinated Project II C, "Transportation Technology and Energy: Analysis of Policy-Alternatives for Texas"; and Special Project D, "Energy Utilization in Aggregate and Concrete Manufacturing in Texas". Coordinated Project II B, "A Program of Energy Awareness for Texas", published regular newsletters for the Council and no final report was required.


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energy development, environmental policy