Archaeological and historical aspects of the Trinity River development.




McDonald, A.P.

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Stephen F. Austin State University.


The Trinity River is a classic study of the a national tableau of cultures. The River is an important part of the mosaic that makes up the whole. One important factor in this required study is the cultural environment. Biologists, geologists, and other scientists, whose reports constitute the larger portions of these studies, essentially deal with the present conditions of their respective fields, and they are charged with determining what change would be wrought by reservoir impoundment of water and canalization of the river. The archaeological and history section, however, must deal with a more nebulous and illusive factor --people--and it must deal with them in the past. No environmental impact statements were required of them when they first encountered and dealt with the river. Their use, and occasional misuse, of the river has left its own kind of record, and it is with this that the present study will deal.


p. 1 - 64


Archaeology, historical account, resources