Hazardous Materials: A Plan for the Transportation, Storage, and Emergency Response



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City of Galveston


This document provides a summary of the Committee's findings and recommendations. This first chapter provides a background brief on the situation and the rationale for the Committee's formation. In addition, the Committee's adopted list of goals and objectives are presented, as well as the list of work tasks viewed as necessary to achieve the goals and objectives. Chapter 2 provides a definition of hazardous materials, identifies the various classes of these materials, and presents a brief summary of the use, storage, and transportation of these materials in Galveston. Chapter 3 highlights the existing regulatory system involved with hazardous material transportation and storage. Federal, State and local agency involvement and regulations are briefly summarized, with particular emphasis placed upon existing City of Galveston regulatory tools. Finally, the Committee's recommended hazardous material truck route system is presented. Chapter 4 presents the Committee's recommended "Emergency Response Plan". This plan details the roles and responsibilities of the various entities involved in responding to hazardous material incidents. Its purpose is to ensure that risks to the citizens of Galveston are minimized. Chapter 5 (summary) deals with plan implementation. It details those follow-up actions which will be necessary to realize the Plan's intent, and identifies the parties responsible. Finally, an appendix is provided which inventories existing City and other pertinent regulations, and copies of surveys used by the Committee to gather data.


2 volumes


transportation of hazardous waste, Galveston, Texas, hazardous waste management, hazardous waste disposal