Evaluation of marsh creation and restoration projects and their potential for large-scale application, Galveston-Trinity Bay system

White, W.A.
Calnan, T.R.
Morton, R.A.
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Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin: Texas: General Land Office, Coastal Division

This project used detailed field surveys to inventory and evaluate wetland restoration, enhancement, and creation projects in terms of their original design criteria, objectives, physical characteristics, hydrology, geomorphology, site stability, vegetation, and the potential for large-scale application. The objective was to evaluate and synthesize criteria considered important for the successful accomplishment of large-scale restoration and creation projects. Analyses of land surface profiles and vegetation characteristics indicate that the fill, and fill and shape sites had achieved densest foliar coverage with percentages ranging in the 60s. Scrape-down sites had percentages in the 40s. Frequently inundated organically-rich muds seemed to have the most potential for relatively rapid growth and development of vegetation.

91 pgs.
marshes, marsh ecology, wetlands