Gonadal development, growth and condition of sand seatrout from Louisiana.




Pitre, R.L.
Landry, A.M., Jr.

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Numerous young of the year sand seatrout (Cynoscion arenarius) trawled from West Hackberry nearshore sites along the Louisiana coast indicated spawning peaks occurred during spring and late summer. Sexual maturity is reached at about 1 year of age and 150 mm SL for males and females. Growth of zero-year class sand seatrout during summer to fall and fall to winter was approximately 40 mm SL. Standard length of sand seatrout collected during the study ranged from 26 to 268 mm. Small young of the year were abundant during summer and winter at the nearshore site and during winter at the Weeks Island offshore site. Numerous individuals older than 6 months were present only during summer and fall at the nearshore site. Peak condition of spring fish at the nearshore site indicated preparation for spawning and favorable environmental conditions.


p. 647-653.


sand seatrout, Cynoscion arenarius, animal reproductive organs, body conditions, spawning, growth, sexual maturity