Firestone, Orange, Texas - Health Risk Assessment

January 1992
ENSR Consulting and Engineering
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ENSR Consulting and Engineering

Beginning in 1984, Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. contracted with ENSR Consulting and Engineering to evaluate and identify the most cost-effective means of characterizing and resolving the diverse environmenal issues at their chemical plant located in Orange, Texas. This facility comprises approximately 336 acres and has been in continuous operation since 1957. Since 1980, a total of 47 areas have been identified in various lists and regulatory submissions as possible waste management sites. Eight of these appear to have been listed in error (reflecting anticipated activities which were never initiated). At the remaining 39 areas, ENSR's field teams have sampled selected soil, sediment, surface water, and groundwater for chemical analysis. For purposes of risk analysis, analytical data are considered to be adequate for 10 water management areas (Note: ENSR continues to characterize the other waste management areas). Eight additional areas were identified where contamination might have occurred due to surface water runoff and/or leaching of contaminants, and where there was potential for significant human exposures. Soil, water, fish tissue, and crab tissue were analyzed for specific chemical constituents in these additional areas. In addition, 2 clean areas were sampled as a reference, one on the northern plant border and one on the southern plant border. This gives a total of 20 areas evaluated; 10 waste management units; 8 additional areas, and reference areas. On the basis of non-cancer health risks, 12 of the 20 areas were determined to have contaminants at concentrations resulting in Hazard Indices greater than one, and must be considered further with regard to appropriate remedy. Seven of the 20 areas were determined to have carcinogens present at levels resulting in Cancer Indices greater than zero, and must be considered further with regard to appropriate remedy. Nine of the 20 areas were found to have no contaminants at levels of health concern and have not been listed in Table E-1. From a health point-of-view, ENSR believes that it would be both resource-wasteful and fiscally inappropriate for these areas to be given further attention by wither Firestone/Bridgeston or by regulatory authorities.

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Fireston, health risk assessment