Hurricane does little damage to industry.




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Gulf Coast oil and gas operations rode out Hurricane Alicia almost without a scratch-but not without lots of downtime. Main effect of the storm, which produced winds of more than 120 mph, was shutdown of various production, pipeline, and processing facilities. Power loss prompted some of the idling, but part of it was precautionary. More than 1,000 persons were evacuated from platforms and mobile rigs off Texas and Louisiana, but a survey of many who returned after the storm yielded no reports of appreciable damage. Gulf OIl Corp. lost 250 b/d of crude oil production from Goose Creek field in 5-6 ft of water in Galveston Bay. Winds toppled wooden derricks on platforms there, and Gulf is studying whether repairs are feasible.


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hurricanes, tropical depressions, oil and gas production, pipelines, meteorology, gale force winds, damage, offshore structures, weather hazards, oil and gas industry, oil and gas fields