Resource management information for state-owned submerged lands of the Texas Gulf Coast




Texas General Land Office

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Texas General Land Office


The Resource Management Code (RMC) System was created to assist anyone planning to use state-owned submerged lands of the Texas Gulf Coast. Each code represents a development guideline submitted to the General Land Office by one of the participating state or federal regulatory agencies, with the intent of explaning how development of a tract can be accomplished without causing damage to the natural biologic resources present in the area. The majority of the codes are designed to protect biologically sensitive areas, but some promote navigational safety, preserve recreational values, and safeguard archaeological and cultural features. The information contained in this publication represents the combined expertise of aquatic and wildlife biologists, archaeologists, and engineers from each of the participating agencies. Each of the more than 6,000 state-owned submerged mineral tracts was reviewed by agency representatives who examined the characteristics of each tract and assigned one or more codes which would adequately represent their development concerns. They were assisted in this review by an Industry Advisory Committee which provided comments on the code definitions and code assignments from the user's perspective. Submerged lands of the Texas Gulf Coast are dynamic in nature and are constantly altered by both natural processes and human activities. The participating agencies will continue to monitor submerged lands and will update the codes as needed to reflect the best information available. To keep users of submerged state-owned lands abreast of these changes, the General Land Office will periodically distribute insert sheets with code revisions to purchasers of the RMC book.


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wetlands, natural resources, resource management, submerged lands, groundwater