Man's Impact on the Global Environment: Assessment and Recommendation for Action. Report of the Study of Critical Environmental Problems (SCEP).

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The study, which was sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T), concentrated on the global climatic and ecological effects of several specific pollutants in the atmosphere land ocean system. This report presents the scientific and technical judgments of the participants on the present status of understanding of several global problems. In addition, SCEP explored the procedures and programs of focused research, monitoring, and action that will be required to understand further the nature of potential threats to the global environment so that effective action can be taken to avert future crises. The specific recommendations of SCEP are outlined in this report. This report is divided into two major findings and recommendations developed by the various work groups of the study. This part is, in a broad sense, the SCEP report. All those attending the study had an opportunity to examine these conclusions and the papers on which they were based, but all participants had neither the time not the expertise required to make an independent judgment on each and every area discussed in the first part. Therefore, it should not be assumed that each study participant subscribes to every statement in this report. The second part of this report contains the reports of seven SCEP work groups 9several first and second week work groups combined to write single reports). These work group reports were developed through intensive full time discussion and study by the group members. In some cases these deliberations continued for the entire study period. These reports represent the consensus of those whose names appear on the individual work group reports. Each member concurs with the substantive presentation, but not all members had an opportunity to review the final wording of the reports. Participants in the study acted as individuals, not as representatives of the agencies or organizations with which they were affiliated.

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