Dredge and fill activities in Galveston Bay




Ward, George H.

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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


The single most obvious manifestation of human impacts on Galveston Bay is the physical modifications associated with excavation and disposal of sediments. After the close of the Civil War, increased shipping in the bay led to channelization, current training, and protective structures, which have continued to the present. Further, development of the Bay periphery has led to constructive dredge-and-fill activities not directly associated with navigation. The net effect has been a gradual alteration in the morphology of the Bay. While the actions of dredging and filling associated with a specific project are immediately evident at the site, the cumulative activity over the entirety of the bay is not so readily ascertained, and even less so is the variation of that activity over a time frame of years. The objective of this study is to quantitatively characterize dredge-and-fill activities throughout the bay as a function of time.


pgs. 267-275


dredging, man-induced effects, historical account