Coastal Hydrographic and Meteorological Study




Martinez, A.Rudy

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


Hydrographic and meteorlogical data for Texas bays, including Galveston, were collected in the field and taken from publications. Salinity patterns varied along the coast in relation to rainfall distribution, but in general increased in most areas from January through July as a result of decreased rainfall and reduced runoff. Heavy rainfall from tropical storm Fern in September brought about flooding of low-lying areas. Minor fish kills from cold weather were recorded during the first part of the year but in general, temperatures followed normal seasonal trends. Dissolved oxygen and pH readings remained above critical levels and varied little from previous years. Turbidity readings were generally lower than those recorded in 1970, as a result of reduced runoff and calmer weather. Habitat modifications included maintenance dredging of existing channels, dredging of new channels and basins, marine construction, discharging of oil field brine, drilling of oil wells, placement of pipelines and mud shell dredging.


pages 135-189; available for download at the link below.


hydrography, meteorology, hydrographic data, meteorological data, salinity, fish kill, rainfall, habitat improvement, construction, dredging