Draft supplement seadock environmental impact statement. Texas deepwater port authority application amendment. Volume 5.




U.S. Coast Guard.

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U.S. Coast Guard.


The proposed action of the granting of a licence to own, construct, and operate a deepwater port in the Gulf of Mexico. The major environmental impacts associated with this proposed action would be; possible oil spills in the area surrounding the deepwater port, the preemption of approximately 860 acres of land associated with the onshore facility from other potential uses, the preemption of approximately 1.80 square nautical miles of offshore water form other uses, increased hydrocarbon air emissions in the Freeport area, increased water pollution in the Redfish Bayou and Jones Creek systems due to point and nnon-point discharges from the onshore terminal and additional disturbances to he environment during the construction and termination of the project.


216 p.


port installations, licenses, water pollution, oil spills, environmental impact, deep-water terminals