Survey of the Macro-Vegetation of Mesquite Bay and Cedar Bayou - Fisheries Investigations in the Aransas-Copano Bay System


Changes in lower Mesquite Bay's vegetation components were apparent. Forms not previously reported and commonly found in high salinity environments were taken freely in the lower end of the bay. This appearance of high stenohaline plants in the lower end of Mesquite Bay near the mouth of Cedar Bayou suggests the influence of Gulf water entering the bay through the bayou. It appears, however, that although Cedar Bayou allows Gulf water to enter the bay and enables the high salinity vegetation to establish itself in the lower end of Mesquite Bay, the greatest single factor affecting the floral components is the fresh water, governed by the rainfall, that enters Mesquite Bay from the Guadalupe River via San Antonio Bay.


8 pages; available for download at the link below.


salinity, vegetation survey, Mesquite Bay, species composition